New Breitling Bentley for Baselworl 2012

Breitling watchmaker created a new limited edition watch to celebrate the lunch of the Continental GT V8 with 4.0 V8 engine – the latest creation from the Bentley engineers. The watch named Breitling Bentley GMT V8 and it will be presented at Baselworld 2012. The watch’s main design feature is the inner city bazel distinguished by metallic red-shade which depicts 24 cities for the GMT combining with black dial makes Bentley GMT V8 sport looking timepiece.

The new Breitling watch model has the unique feature to the Breatling for Bentley collection is “30 second chronograph” with a thin second’s hand. The seconds hand makes 2 circles in 1 minute. Another interesting function which has Bentley GMT V8 is world’s timezones. The current time is showed by 24-hour hand and the red-triangle hand is showing the time in one of the 24 cites of the world. I think it will be very usefully for travelers.

Breitling Bentley GMT V8 Dial

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