Fidel Castro and the Rolex Submariner

On the day Fidel Castro resigns from power, we at decided to take a look at the man and his watches:

How can a communist leader afford a Rolex Submariner? Well, nobody is going to ask this question to Fidel Castro. Each and every person is allowed at least one vice and if Fidel Castro wishes to sport a classic Submariner on his wrist, one can hardly blame him, right?

Rolex Submariner owes much of its popularity to its attachment with the deep sea exploration. However, the marketing campaign of the Rolex Submariner has always been one to catch the fancy of watch enthusiasts all over the world. It was the first watch to travel below ten thousand feet in a submarine. Frequent changes to models were made so often that it was impossible for two individuals to have the same watch. Yet, one thing that remained common in the Rolex Submariner, which probably attracted Fidel Castro, was its timelessness. The classic stainless steel black face Rolex Submariner is a universal favorite amongst all those who love wearing good watches. What really catches the eye of the fan is its simplicity. It is so devoid of frills and fancies that it almost looks sober and spartan. Yet, the combination of stainless steel base, the black face and the silver dials with the off white silver colored symbols on the face makes it an irresistible piece. Like all other Rolex watches, the Submariner too is a work of art. The traditional bubble over the date view at 3o’clock continues to attract fancy of buyers all over the world. The Rolex Submariner is a good investment at six thousand dollars because of its high resale value. Of course, it is made to last forever and will probably be seen on the wrist of Fidel Castro’s next to next generation in a few years.

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